Summer 2008

An Explosive Year For Digital Alchemy Entertainment!

DA designs, creates and animates for TV, Film, Games and more!


Gone are the days when animation and visual effects were reserved for horror films and science fiction.  Today, it seems that everything from reality TV to documentaries and commercials include this medium to enhance the quality and entertainment value of their productions.  With the opportunities we've had in children's animated series, games, commercials, documentaries and film, Digital Alchemy is proud to be a part of this expanding industry.  Currently in our sixth year of business, Digital Alchemy is growing strong.  With our studio capacity of over 40 employees, we have had one of our most successful years to date.


Chris Browne, B.Comm
Partner, Creative Director

Digital Alchemy Staff Photo


Zigby Zigby - An impressive new Preschool Series

Digital Alchemy is currently in production on an ambitious new preschool series “Zigby; The Zebra Who Trots Into Trouble”.  Zigby is a complex coproduction between Thunderbird Films Inc, Flying Bark Productions (Australia), and Big Communications (Singapore).  DA created a unique look from concept designs, modeling straight through to final lighting and visual effects.  DA also provided intricate layout design, reusable animation actions and cycles as well as storyboarding.  The series is scheduled to air on ABC Australia, Treehouse, ZDF, and France 5.


Zixx Vancouver Animation ZiXX: Level Three

In partnership with Rainmaker, Digital Alchemy developed the look of the CGI Animation and live action visual effects for Zixx Level Three, a Thunderbird Films Production.  The exciting final season is scheduled to broadcast in early 2009, while its previous seasons have aired on the Cartoon Network, YTV, as well as internationally.





Commercials Vancouver On the Commercial front, DA does it all

Digital Alchemy developed the full scale production of four live-action, visual effects heavy commercials for Leading Edge Marketing; a repeat client of Spike TV.  From script to screen, Digital Alchemy developed the commercial concepts, directed and shot the live action green screen footage and provided full CGI set replacements and visual effects.  Digital Alchemy was also able to deliver the final edit entirely in house.



Climate Change Documentary has visuals that amaze, educate and inform

Digital Alchemy is currently working on animated sequences for a documentary on climate change narrated by Dustin Hoffman.


Other Projects in the Works

Educational Video - DA wraps its 5th CGI production for TRIUMF - Canada's Particle Nuclear Physics Laboratory.

Special FX - DA provides creature effects sequences for LA based horror film Skinned Deep.

Video Games - DA joins forces with a local studio to provide animations for a new Nintendo Wii game.

Architectural Visualization - DA has worked on several architectural renderings and animated fly-throughs for commercial and residential developments.
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DA is also developing their own intellectual properties for animated TV.


“The videos you have produced…  are fantastic.  The animation, the music, the artistry, capture the viewer's imagination…  Explaining science…  is not easy and we think these videos represent a new level of communication that will become the norm in science and teaching.  The concepts in the videos represent the cutting edge of research in particle physics, nuclear physics, nuclear medicine and material and molecular science.  These videos are by far the best attempt we have made to communicate our raison d'etre.
Thank you again and it was a true pleasure working with you, and thanks for the great coffee.”

-Nigel Lockyer
Director of TRIUMF

Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics


Digital Alchemy has built a reputation for outstanding artistry and well executed work.  We are always interested in meeting with new producers to share our knowledge in the field and offer our expertise.
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