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2010 is turning out to be an exciting year at DAE

In this Issue: Brand New Location, A thrilling interstitial series is scheduled to hit the airwaves, Designs for the 2010 Olympics, Stereoscopic 3D and more.

Brand New Studio

Digital Alchemy has moved to a brand new studio!

The new location is more than its attractive décor and a beautiful view of the mountains, it is better equipped to handle the high speed technologies that flow throughout the alchemy laboratory.

Located at 220 – 1150 Stations St. Vancouver BC:
Friends and associates of DAE are welcome to drop by the studio for a free guided tour.

DAE_NewLocation Studio

New Projects

Body Powers

A thrilling interstitial series is scheduled to hit the airwaves. Body Powers is a new animated show about five plucky young kids who use their super powers to battle against the evil villains of unhealthy foods.

Body Powers

2010 Vancouver Olympics - BC Events Management

DAE created a computer animated simulation that depicted a massive construction for the Saskatchewan Pavilion of the Vancouver Olympics. The site incorporates multiple buildings that house stages, presentations, and a giant sphere that displays a 360 degree film projection. Seeing is believing, or in our client’s case… PREvising is believing.

2010 Vancouver Olympics - BC Events Management

2010 Vancouver Olympics – Arts and Culture

Digital Alchemy created the animation and visual effects sequences for the prestigious experimental film “Falling Women”, now showcasing in front of thousands from all over the world at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Women Falling



Digital Alchemy’s repeat architectural client The Lynd Group comes back with blueprints for a stunning high rise called EnV; Set to be built in the heart of Chicago, DAE is constructing a computer animated fly-through of this new facility. The building incorporates state of the art apartment suites, a rooftop terrace complete with swimming pools, weight rooms and so much more - it would evoke envy in just about anyone.

  Women Falling
    Lynd Group

Idego – “Xthots” the animated Film

Digital Alchemy jumped on this high concept animated film providing designs, animation, and direction. It is an experimental film about the visions of a real life artist who has struggled with schizophrenia.


Thunderbird Films

The motion picture company required a graphic sequence and branding that projected the company’s high level productions and the passion that they have for them. Click below to view a sample:

Thunderbird Sequence

Thunder Bird Films

Zoom Communications

Digital Alchemy provides Zoom Communications with a variety of animations which include a traditional classic style of animation for one of their latest commercial projects.


Stereoscopic 3D

Digital Alchemy now offers Stereoscopic 3D animation and visual effects!
Through proof of concept testing and final results, DAE has now developed a fully equipped Stereoscopic 3D pipeline and is anxious to provide that service to their clients.

Stereoscopic Dragonfly

Music Video – Slingshot Boogie

Produced for the All Good Funk Alliance in Washington DC, Digital Alchemy develops a brand new style of animation to depict a hip new track.

Stereoscopic Dragonfly
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