Robert Gandell is co-owner and studio director of Digital Alchemy Entertainment Inc., a successful growing animation and special effects studio in Vancouver, Canada.

Since his early days, Rob has always had creativity and entrepreneurialism in his blood. Drawing on the walls of his

parents’ home and, later, starting his own caricature business, his future was sealed.
In 1992 Robert attended Sheridan College’s renowned classical animation program, followed by the Academy of Design’s 3d computer animation program. Having graduated at a time when computer animation was in its infancy, Robert is now considered a “veteran” in the field.

Robert has worked as a CG artist and Art Director on a number of high profile animation projects at studios in Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. He also refined his teaching and leadership skills as an Animation Instructor and Program Director at the Vancouver Institute for Media Arts..

In 2002, Robert, along with partner Chris Browne, achieved his lifelong dream of starting his own animation studio and founded Digital Alchemy Entertainment. Digital Alchemy has grown steadily since that time, developing projects that include feature film, music videos, scientific visualisations and television series. Rob has played an instrumental role in the success of these projects, acting as CGI Producer, Production Designer, Art director, and studio Director.

Robert enjoys nothing more than playing a good game of hockey and spending time with his wife and three year old daughter Sophie.

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